Abstract Submission

You can submit your contribution online by uploading a word file. A word processing draft can be downloaded here. Please use this draft, keep the restrictions ans save the file with your abstract as follows: [last name]_[first name]_[city]_[date(jjjjmmdd)]

Please upload only word (or openoffice) readable files. If you are not able to open the draft file, please do not hesitate to contact Prof. Dr. Rödel by email.

Conference topics:

  • Mechanisms of DNA Repair and DNA Damage Response
  • The Immune System in the Context of Radiobiology
  • Strategies to optimize Radiation Response and Radiation Protection
  • Biomarkers, Translational Research and Clinical Studies

Within the online submission platform you will be asked some personal details and you have the opportunity to upload your abstract. Additionally, students are encouraged to upload an application for a travel award according to the guidelines of the GBS (travel award information and application from) along with the abstract form.

Please note:
The abstract submission is now CLOSED

Please note, that you have to register seperately to the congress!